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Dance Artist & Filmmaker

About Victoria Francesca

At the age of 3 I discovered dance, my very first form of creative expression. Dance carried me through my early schooling and when I arrived at college, my dance career continued and my filmmaking journey began. Since then, I have worked as Director of Photography, Producer, Screenwriter and several other positions within the realm of film, all while keeping dance a constant in my life. It was in my second year at Rider University that I decided The Dancing Filmmaker was a fitting title to describe my work and ambitions, as I have found that dance is somehow beautifully woven into almost every aspect of filmmaking. It was a collection of thoughts that concluded with "I can't choose just one, they are both a part of me...and that's okay." Not long after graduation, I realized that at the heart of my creative passions was a love for storytelling and movement, which was comforting for me to identify. I am leading a flourishing life making art full-time and The Art of Creation is a major part of this. As a modern storyteller, I aspire to bring to life my interpretations of my own experiences, in an effort to connect emotionally my audience.

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Graphic Designer: Christina Grasso

A Family of Artists

Growing up, I was surrounded by creativity. My brother has acted and sang his entire life, and even danced! My mother has her own photography company and my father is a stand-up comedian and professional writer. My childhood was always creative and lively because of this and I'm grateful for the mutual support, understanding and love we share.

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Fun Facts About Me

  • I am CoMBo certified and teach at Retro Fitness in Howell!

  • I'm hyper-mobile, so I can rotate both arms 360 degrees!

  • I share a birthday with P.T. Barnum 

  • I got to go on Steven Spielberg's set of West Side Story for one night

  • I am dairy & gluten free gal

  • Halloween, Valentine's Day and Easter are my favorite holidays 

  • I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Rider University

  • I recently learned & enjoy playing chess

  • I once filmed in the Empire State Building

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